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If you (like us!) absolutely love getting your glow on, you might be interested in a professional spray tan.

Whether it’s your first time and you’re feeling nervy or you’re a spray tan lover looking for some insider tips, we’ve compiled our best advice for every step of the spray tanning process. Getting your best bronze tan starts here!

Before: How to prepare for a spray tan

Just like a regular self tanning sesh, nailing the look and staying power of your spray tan is all in the preparation.

Take a nice hot shower or bath and give your skin a good exfoliate. This will help to get rid of any dry skin, leaving behind the perfect blank canvas for an even tan. This is also the perfect time to complete any hair removal!

When you get out, make sure to moisturise with your fave body lotion, paying a little extra attention to areas like your hands, feet, elbows and knees, as these are the areas that the spray tan solution might cling to.

If you want to shower before your spray tan appointment, make sure you do it a few hours in advance so your pores have time to seal. No dark spots here! Also, don’t wear deodorant to your appointment - it could react to the spray tan liquid and leave a mark.

While we love makeup, we’d suggest that you arrive at your appointment fresh-faced for an even application. If you’re fitting a spray tan into your busy schedule, try taking along some makeup wipes to cleanse your face before your session.

On the day: What to expect at your spray tan appointment

What you wear for your spray tan really depends on your comfort level. You may want to bare it all for an even coverage, or you may want to cover up a little with a thong - especially if it’s your first time. It’s all about feeling comfortable!

Your beauty therapist may give you some accessories to wear - make sure you do! They might ask you to wear a hair covering, which is super important to keep your locks out of the way of the spray tan solution.

They should also ask you what kind of result you’re after. Whether you’re craving a deep and dark spray tan to last all holiday, or just a light glow for a special event, make sure you let them know your perfect shade. Feel free to bring along any pictures of your fave celeb’s bronze tans for reference!

The Bondi Sands Professional Solution range comes in a variety of different shades, so you can customise your glow. Our tanning solutions are enriched with Aloe Vera for intense hydration and a flawless finish, as well as our signature coconut scent.

If it’s your first professional spray tan, don’t stress; it’s not as daunting as it seems! Your beauty therapist will use a spray tan machine to evenly apply the product in sections for a streak-free finish. Be prepared though - spray tan products are quite cold at first!

Aftercare: How to make your spray tan last

After your spray tan, don’t worry if you’re looking a little darker than you expected. The spray tan solution and guide colour continue to develop over the next few hours, but after your first shower, these will wash away to reveal your beautiful tan.

To really make your professional spray tan last, moisturise every day. Choose a product like our Everyday Gradual Tanning Milk, which gives your tan a little boost for a long-lasting glow.

Beautiful bridal spray tans

If you’re thinking about getting a professional spray tan for your wedding or another very important event, a test run before the big day could be a great idea. This involves trying out your spray tan a few weeks before your wedding or event, to make sure your chosen spray tan solution looks exactly how you want it to.

You could even time your trial run at the same time as your makeup test and a dress fitting, so you can get an idea of the finished look!

Get that pro glow

We hope we’ve given you all the info you need to book that spray tan appointment! Make sure you look out for the Bondi Sands Professional range in salons, for a flawless bronze tan and our iconic coconut scent.

If you’re loving your Bondi Sands spray tan, let us know! Post your sunkissed selfies to Instagram using #bondisands!


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