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When it comes to self-tanning your hands and feet, the struggle is real. Nothing is more annoying than finding your beautiful, even tan has been ruined by streaky or too-dark hands and feet.

But don’t worry! We’ve compiled our insider tips and tricks for tanning hands and feet, so you can nail that natural glow. 

The essential pre-tanning prep

While you’re carrying out your all-important pre-tan pampering and preparation, include a couple of extra steps to make sure you create the perfect base for an even application. 

After showering, use your Bondi Sands Exfoliation Mitt and gently buff your hands and feet in circular motions to exfoliate away any dry skin. This will stop your self tan sticking to any dry areas and causing patches - a clear giveaway that your natural glow is anything but natural! 

Next, apply our Body Moisturiser to your hands and feet, and continue it slightly on your wrists and ankles. 

Hands and feet self tanning hacks

While you’re applying your self tan, there are a few things you can do to really achieve that effortless, sunkissed look. 

Firstly, switch out your self tanning mitt for a flat head makeup brush or our body brush. Although our self tanning mitt is ideal for the rest of your body, a brush will allow you to really buff in your self tan for the most natural finish. Using a flat head makeup brush is the perfect pairing with the Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam!

When it comes to the application, try to focus on the tops of your hands and feet, where the sun would naturally hit. Spread out and bend your fingers so your hands look a little like claws (it might look strange but it’s worth it!) and gently buff your self tan around your knuckles and the insides of your fingers to avoid those telltale pale lines. 

For self tanning your feet, our Self Tanning Mist is perfect, as you can achieve a super light coverage that will blend seamlessly into the rest of your tan. Make sure to stand on a dark towel while applying, or you might risk tanning your bathroom floor too!

The finishing touches

To really make sure your hands and feet look natural, pick up a makeup wipe and gently wipe your cuticles, palms of your hands and the soles of your feet to remove any excess self tan that could become too dark. 

You could also lightly wipe the insides of your wrists and around your ankles, just to make sure that you don’t end up with any harsh lines (the dreaded self tan sleeves!) or patches. To prolong the tan on your hands for longer, use our Body Handwash to help maintain your Bondi Sands glow.

How to fix patchy self tan on your hands and feet

Sometimes, even though you’ve done everything right, annoying patches may still happen. But don’t stress. If your hands and feet have developed a little darker than the rest of your body, reach for your exfoliation mitt and lightly exfoliate the darker areas to lighten the colour. 

You could even remove self tan from your hands and feet by dabbing a little of our Self Tan Eraser and leaving it on for a couple of minutes. After you’ve wiped it away with a damp cloth, you’ll be streak-free!

Enjoy your even tan!

We hope our tricks of the trade help you to nail that flawless self tan application (and banish patchy hands and feet forever). 

And remember, we love being featured in all your Instagram pictures! Use the hashtag #bondisands to let us know how much you love your Australian self tanner! 

See you next time Lovers x

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