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Try These TikTok tanning Hacks For An Effortless Glow

Not in Europe? Don’t sweat it. TikTok has graced us with tanning hacks to give you that effortless glow this winter. It's every #lazygirls dream.

Sopha Dopha aka TikTok Queen and self-proclaimed ‘lazy girl’ tanner has weighed in on the newest tanning TikTok hacks. Watch the full video below!

Tan Hack 1: 

Flawless hands and feet can be tricky when applying self-tan, to achieve the ultimate head-to-toe glow, this TikTok tanning trend suggests applying your favourite lotion and letting it sit for 10 minutes.  Soph agrees that ‘lotion is key’ when applying tan to hands and feet. 

Next step, apply your favourite Bondi Sands Tan to a blending brush and brush your tan all over the back of your hand in circular motions. She admits ‘knuckles are always the hardest’, but with this hack, you’re proven to see blended results.

To achieve this hack try using our tan-friendly body moisturiser (in two delicious scents, Coconut or Tropical Rum!) and our body brush which is perfect for applying tan to hands and feet, the dense bristles ensure its buffed evenly and flawlessly over these tricky areas.

Tan Hack 2:

Back tanning. Historically a frustrating experience, but no longer so with this hack utilising a kitchen utensil. Soph tried it for herself, ‘This is so smart’, grabbing a wooden spoon from your kitchen, place the tanning mitt on the spoon end and secure it with a hair tie or elastic band. Apply self-tan to your mitt like normal and use the wooden spoon to reach over your head and apply to your back.

Simple! However, this TikTok tanning method was a little bit fiddly for Soph’s liking. She prefers using our very own back applicator – created for this exact purpose and is ‘a lot sturdier’. 

Tan Hack 3: 

Lastly – contouring! Want to achieve a ‘natural' contour? Self Tan to the rescue with no makeup necessary. This TikTok tanning hack is designed to emphasize your cheek and jaw. First, go in with your fav face tanning product on your mitt, drawing a three from the top of your forehead, around your cheekbone and finishing on your jaw.

Soph says, ‘Don’t forget to blend it out'. Luckily Bondi Sands has just launched its very own Self Tan Contour Kit, specifically designed to apply self tan to the face, with two different-sized brushes to achieve the perfect tan contour. Sleep, rinse and voila – natural contour!

Let us know over on Instagram & TikTok (@bondisands), if you’ve tried out any of these tanning hacks or if you have your own hack we need to hear about!

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